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The defining moment on our journey to financial freedom happened sometime in 2007 when on a Sunday morning, on the way to Church, my wife tried to get money out of the cashpoint machine for offering and the notification on the screen showed insufficient funds!!! we had an £8,000 overdraft wiped out and it was not the end of the month yet.

My wife and I got ourselves in a significant mess when it came to our finances (well mostly me), we had 100% mortgages, credit card debts, car debts, student loans, personal loans and we lived on a monthly overdraft of £8,000, and £0 in savings. In essence, we did not really have a pound that we could say was ours, we were basically living on debt, on money that did not belong to us, even though we had good jobs, we were not working for our companies, but for the companies we owed money to, we were enslaved to debt. This all happened due to a lack of knowledge.

We started educating ourselves on exactly what God says about money, debt, and being financially savvy. Putting a plan together to get out of debt was our first major step, I now dedicate my life's work to getting others out of Debt.

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