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James & Rosie

Before meeting Bola, our finances were ok, but we didn’t pay much attention to them. We just let it all tick along with no real structure or plan. It was quite unorganised with very little thought for the long term, just working to our month to month income and outgoings.

Bola was absolutely fantastic as a financial coach. He completely changed our perception of finances and helped us to completely shift our thinking, not only helping us to see what was possible for our family’s financial future but also guide us in building practical steps and a sound plan to work towards realising that potential. Bola is both extremely knowledgeable and a great guy who is very easy to talk to and work with.

Since Bola has helped us, we feel that we have built a sound foundation to build our financial future on. And that has enabled us to set exciting goals that we can know see are achievable and have a plan we are following to reach those goals. We also assess our finances regularly which we never used to do. This has made a huge difference to us and is something that Bola encouraged us to do providing us with materials to use. We have paid off a lot of debt, changed our mortgage arrangements and are now prepared for for unforeseen financial costs and because of all this we now feel in control, secure and excited about our finances rather than avoiding thinking about it in any real depth. And that’s all thanks to Bola.

Adeola Matiluko

My husband & I were already on a journey of removing debt from our lives due to credit cards. However Bola showed us God’s perspective on finances that helped solidify our desire to be debt free.


Bola was thorough not only giving us tools to aid the process of debt elimination but walking through the process with us.

Not only are we on the way to being debt free, I’m also in the process of helping other families of being debt free & financially independent.

Wedzy - single parent

Before meeting Bola my finances were in a rut. I was literally living hand to mouth surviving on credit cards and high interest loans whilst accumulating more and more debt. As a single mother I didn’t know what to do or how to organize myself. I kept praying to God for help in paying of this debt.

Bola has been great as a financial coach. His principles aligned with my beliefs and he provides you with tools to not only budget your income but to also manage your debt and schedule out your repayments in a logical and beneficial way.

Since Bola helped I’ve stopped relying on the credit and working my way to paying off what I currently owe. I have also started saving money in pockets so creating a rainy day/emergency fund.



To be honest my finances were not too bad however I didn’t really have a handle on my expenditure or indeed the totality of my income. I didn’t have a SMART plan in place to clear my debt although that’s what I wanted.

Bola is extremely knowledgeable, professional yet personable and having gone through the journey before himself; he is very relatable and provides genuine guidance so you can make an informed choice yourself.

He’s very patient, understanding, honest and friendly. We have had many valuable coaching conversations which allow me to really consider my options.

I am indeed very grateful to Bola.

I have put in the time to note down my regular income & expenditure, this has allowed me to make some changes and hence saving on may life policy & groceries.

I know exactly how much disposable income I have for savings & debt clearance.

Also I now have a plan with timelines in place to clear all my credit cards debt. Before moving onto clearing my mortgage and becoming debt free and financially independent.

I am more disciplined with budgeting & sticking to it too!

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